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May 24, 2021

The 24 Best Food and Drink Restaurants in Rexburg

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There are a lot of small business and chain food restaurants in Rexburg outside of usual chain fast food. The unique nature of the restaurants helps Rexburg to have a variety of cultural foods and local sweets.

Frozen Takeaway Desserts

Karie Anne's

Karie Anne’s is a very popular food cart that pops up every summer. It serves gelati: a scoop of gelato, a very thick and sweet sister of ice cream, on top of a scoop of flavored shaved ice. Gelati is a delicious Italian based dessert, although you can get one part or the other if you so choose. This is no ice cream, and definitely no snow cone. You can find more information, including their seasonal flavors and their general menu, on their website here.

G's Dairy

However, if you are in the mood for ice cream, G’s Dairy is the place for you. Heaping ice cream cones of a huge variety of flavors are part of this local dairy. The restaurant also sells cheese curds and flavored milks from their dairy, but their main sell is the thick and creamy ice cream cones.  You can find their Facebook page here.

Kiwi Loco

Another frozen treat is Frozen Yogurt. Froyo has been increasingly seen as a great alternative to ice cream as it usually has less milk, so less fat. One location is Kiwi Loco on the Hemming Village strip in Rexburg, Idaho. They offer roughly ten different flavors of frozen yogurt and several options for unlimited toppings. Be careful though, cost there goes by weight instead of size. 

Savory Takeaway Foods


Recently, a food stand popped up offering barbeque food from Brazil. This includes hotdogs, sandwiches, soda, and desserts all Brazilian style, including over-easy eggs on sandwiches and corn on hotdogs, and no barbeque sauce. Surprisingly delicious, this food is very different from usual U.S. experiences with barbeque. Their menu and hours are posted on Facebook here. Check them out there and encourage them to stay around!

Fall Farmer's Market

In the fall, there is a street market one day a week on the corner of East 1st South and College Avenue. This is a place for new business ideas to offer their ideas and is where Boba in Rexburg, Idaho became popular. Each year, there is a corn dog stand, a fudge table, a Mexican-style corn on the cob place, even a fresh greens market, along with some non-food booths like woodcarving and pottery. You can check out the full list of vendors here.

Taco Busses

Like any great town, Rexburg has multiple taco busses. At Taqueria El Rancho in the center of town, just before the roundabout, you can actually sit and eat in the bus-turned-restaurant. Helpful visitors have uploaded pictures of the menu to their google search page here. At least two other taco busses are on North 2nd East, including Tacos Tepito. They are active from spring through fall.



Boba drinks have been all the rage recently. A type of milk tea or tisane combined with small pearls of tapioca or jellies, Boba has a type for everyone. The highly aesthetic Taiwanese drink is a cool refreshment and can be heated to a warm cozy beverage for any time. While froyo places have begun offering Boba, there is a full Boba restaurant in Rexburg, Idaho, just north of Walgreens! It's called Bobaluv, and you can find their information here.

Soda Vine

Soda pop shops have been cropping up in both Rigby and Rexburg, Idaho. This can be either a sit down experience or a drive through to grab and go. The location in Rexburg, Soda Vine, is themed around 50’s style restaurants and is a popular date place to mimic the romancing style of the romanced time. Any type of flavor combination is available there. Their mixed drinks, with names like the Southern Gentleman, Sweet Caroline, and Cold Butterbeer, make it a place that’s hard to resist. 

June's Place

There are many places that offer hot chocolate in the cold Rexburg Idaho seasons, but the new official hot chocolate place seems to be June’s Place. While they offer coffee to those who want it, their hot chocolate options are enough to warm you up and make your mouth sing any time of year. Café style, they also have several pastry options to go along with their drinks, and easy, intimate seating. You can check them out here.

Sit-down Restaurants in Rexburg

Aside from food stands and café-style restaurants, Rexburg, Idaho is home to several unique sit down restaurants. These locations offer a variety of styles of cooking and types of foods.

Blister's BBQ

This includes a barbeque restaurant with sit down seating. It is just outside of the city and actually is part of a gas station, but it is listed directly in Food Network’s appraisal of best barbeque spots in the United States. Blister’s Barbecue’s pulled pork and coleslaw fit the description of the typical mouthwatering southern U.S. barbeque; their loaded fries and ribs will make your mouth sing. You can find their website here.

The Hickory

Another southern barbeque style restaurant is the Hickory. The Hickory and its connected Flat Rock Pizza are must-go restaurants in Rexburg, Idaho. Their brisket and savory green beans melt in your mouth, and their signature barbecue sauces add just the right amount of savory zing. Flat Rock Pizza offers several styles of pizza but is mostly a build-your-own pizza joint. The location even offers the barbeque sauces and brisket meats from the connected restaurant to make a barbeque-themed pizza, or you can stick to making a regular meat lover’s, supreme, or Hawaiian.

Mill Hollow

Mill Hollow is another delicious restaurant, this time located right in the center of town, just up from the school campus. Their M.O. is sandwiches, any type and any bread, meat, and veggies you like. The possibilities are endless in this diner-style restaurant. You can check out their Facebook page here.

Pizza Pie Cafe

If you're looking for a buffet or you're in the mood for pizza, Pizza Pie Cafe is the place for you. Pizza Pie Cafe has a host of pizzas, a salad bar, and even a pasta bar for you to choose from. They even offer dessert-style pizzas for you to try. This all-you-can-eat buffet is made for lovers of all kinds of American-Italian cuisine, and you can find their information here.


For a place that has it all, you can find Fresco's just south of the first Rexburg exit. Their menu offers pizzas, pastas, salads, steaks, and more. With unique styles of oven-baked pizza and roughly 20 types of bottomless flavored lemonade, Fresco's is a restaurant that satisfies your cravings.

Cultural Foods

Rexburg is the home of a surprising number of non-American style foods. With a delicious variety of options, it can be hard to choose a place, so we listed some great options here.

Dong's Sushi

Rexburg has an official sushi joint. Dong’s Sushi has a variety of different sushis, sashimis, and soups from miso to udon. It can be hard to find a good sushi place in the small towns of Eastern Idaho, but Dong’s Sushi in Rexburg, Idaho really takes the cake.

Original Thai

If you’re in the mood for Thai food, there is also a great restaurant for that. Simply named Original Thai, this small, elegant restaurant boasts a variety of curries, hot pots, and fried noodles. Their delicious menu is accompanied by the ambiance of their restaurant with hammered metal tables and hanging paper lanterns, giving the location a cultural touch. You can see their Facebook page here.

Casa de Ochoa

Casa de Ochoa is one of several Mexican food restaurants in town. With an extensive menu, the restaurant boasts a huge selection of authentic Mexican food to choose from. Carnitas, carne asada, tacos, fajitas, and enchiladas are just a sample of what the restaurant offers. You can see their menu here.

Hawaiian Food

Surprisingly, there are multiple options for Hawaiian food in Rexburg. Offering everything from fish and salads to steamed pork buns and bulgogi beef, both are delicious options. For Kainoa’s Grill, you can find their menu here, and Da Pineapple Grill's menu here.

Chinese Food

Chinese food locations are all over the city of Rexburg, Idaho. They offer everything from Asian chicken and fried rice to crab rangoons and wontons. A delicious variety of Chinese food is enough to sate all your cravings. You can check out the menu for New Fong's restaurant here, and the simply named Mandarin Restaurant has a Facebook page with their information here.

Chain Restaurants

If you’re feeling more like keeping it classic and going the fast-food route, don’t be discouraged. There are several restaurants for sit down or takeaway that can fit your cravings. For pizza, Dominoes and Pizza Hut rival each other, but Papa John’s and Little Caesars hold their own. 


Burger joint options are almost unlimited in Rexburg, Idaho, ranging from your usual McDonalds, Dairy Queen, and Burger King to 5 guys, Sonic, and Arctic Circle. A range of burger styles, qualities, and options are available. Even the shapes of the burgers can vary with Wendy’s and Freddy’s in the mx.

Mexican Food

The typical Del Taco and Taco Bell chains also have a place in Rexburg, Idaho. Their drive-through style restaurants boast a huge variety of Mexican food. Cafe Rio and Costa Vida’s American-Mexican style salads and enchiladas keep a more sit down style of Mexican food to the take-out game.

Sit Down Restaurant

Applebee's is the main sport’s bar type chain restaurant in town. With options from steak to wings to salad, all kinds of options are available. If you're looking for a familiar taste found all over the country, Applebee's is a friendly face.

Other Fast-Food

Subway, Jimmy John's, Jamba Juice, and Panda Express all have a place in Rexburg as well. Not the typical go-to thought of fast food, they take the competition to all other sandwich places, drink restaurants, and Chinese food locals in the area. 

For sweets, Cold Stone is the place to go for a familiar and delicious taste. Rivaled by the ice cream places directly supplied by dairies in the area, Cold Stone is a delicious established frozen dessert franchise for your ice cream fix.

To Sum Up...

For such a small town, Rexburg, Idaho boasts a huge assortment of restaurants with all kinds of food types. All are in-town, and so they're close enough for a food run or a small delivery fee. With so many unique tastes and types, it's a surprisingly cultured experience food-wise in this tiny college town. Enjoy what the area has to offer!

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