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Women's Housing in Rexburg

BYU-Idaho Approved Women's Housing

Approved Women's Housing in Rexburg Idaho

Get everything you need to know about approved women's housing in Rexburg below! 
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Approved women's Rexburg housing is unique in the fact that you can per semester or per month. You will find a price range of about $750-$1700 per semester. Lower the price usually means it is an older and lower budget complex, but price does not always reflect the quality of the complex.

The price difference will depend on a different number of factors: distance from campus, amenities, age of complex, number of students living in one apartment and many more.

Living Standards

Women who aren't married and attend BYU-I must adhere to living standards that all BYU-I approved complexes enforce. There are standards are rules that must be obeyed which are entertainment and media, firearm and weapons, curfew and quiet hours, visitation by the opposite gender and pets.

Living standards is what separates university approved housing from the rest of the housing complexes in Rexburg. All complexes also enforce the university honor code. Refer to the BYU-I website for more info on the honor code here
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All unmarried BYU-I students under the age of 27, unless they live with their parents that stay in Rexburg during their off-track must also live in women's approved housing. Exceptions to this rule are rarely given.

As stated above all students who stay in approved housing must also adhere to the BYU-I honor code.  
NOTE: All approved apartments for women are meeting these criteria: no subleases allowed, no extra cost for utilities, gas and electric, and internet, you can choose the apartment and floor that you want to live, the early breach of contract fee is the rest of the contract amount, every student is able to sell their contract, and every apartment should have the option of autopay.

Featured Complexes

The Roost

Modern living apartments

Men and Women

Price per Semester

4 Person
6 Person
Visit Site
The Roost is one of Rexburg's newest BYU-I approved housing communities for women and men. They offer exceptional services, well designed, functional apartments, lots of parking, laundry in every unit, and a thriving community of  students. For these reasons and so much more The Roost is our featured complex.

2 Floor Plans to choose from:2 Bedrooms
or 3 Bedrooms

Lounge with TV, ping-pong table and piano

Stainless steel appliances

Balcony in Select Units

Washer and dryer in unit


Find answers to your questions about Women's Approved Housing in our FAQ.
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