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September 27, 2021

6 Storage Units Rexburg Has to Offer

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One of the main concerns students have between moving between apartments, leaving for a semester, and going on a mission is where they can keep their belongings without shipping them to their parents or auctioning them to roommates. In town, storage units Rexburg has are ready and set up for individuals who need somewhere to keep what they want, even when they're out of town long-term.

Central Storage

Central Storage has three locations around town where you're able to store your possessions. Through their online reception, you are able to get a storage unit with Central Storage at any time, night or day. You can speak with someone directly any weekday at least from to 10 AM to 2 PM. The location has several different types of units, so if you only have a small amount that you're leaving behind, you'll be able to find a storage unit of the right size for you! They also provide locks for purchase, and the rentals are monthly.

Alpine Storage

Alpine Storage has two locations, one near Porter Park and one up near Sugar City. Alpine Storage works with Uhaul, so they also have connections for how you can get your materials to the storage units. They also provide transportable units to give you a way to take your equipment with you, without having to pay by weight of the items. They are also 24 hour access in a gated area, so any time you are in Rexburg, you can check on or put in and take out some possessions. Alpine Storage has sever different unit sizes you can rent at both locations, includes a lock, and is paid once a month.

Self Storage Plus

Self Storage Plus is also located in a gated commercial area and is centrally located in Rexburg. Even boat and car storage units Rexburg has are included here. This can be perfect if you have a car that's broken down or looking to sell, or even an RV or ATV that you can't use year-round. The units will keep the weather from (further) damaging the vehicles without you having to do anything extra! The units also have an indoor hallway between them where you can walk to your unit without having to open the it to the elements to check your stuff.

Elite Storage

As is in the name, Elite Storage has more specific aspects for their units. They offer tenant protection, video surveillance, and even an RV dump station for use before you store it. They also have gating around the complex that is access controlled, but accessible 24/7. If you store a vehicle here and take it out later, they even have a compressed air station that you can use to fill up deflated tires. Each of their units have lighting inside so that you don't have to have a flashlight to look around for what you store, and they offer both yearly and monthly billing plans.

Ibs Mini Storage

Ibs Mini Storage is one that you won't plan to keep a car in, but for all the boxes and bins you'll have during a move, it's the perfect place for temporary storage. They are open Monday through Saturday from 9 AM to 6 PM and have storage units Rexburg students especially can use when looking for a storage area. Their single location on Yellowstone Highway provides ample space for your needs while being compact enough for several units.

Safe T Store

Safe T Store knows its area and offers discounts to individuals using storage in Rexburg when they go on a mission. They specifically offer vehicle storage, standard storage, and student storage. With these different sizes of units, you can find the right size for your needs during your search. Their prices vary by size, but all contracts are a month long. They also have 24 hour surveillance, and they can be contacted or visited Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

Store as You Need

Whether you're getting married, moving away, or simply when you and your roommates doubled up on items you want or need for your current apartment, you may want to check out some of these storage unit options. When even vehicles can be stored in a weatherized area, you know you'll find a good place to keep your extra things safe and dry.

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