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May 17, 2021

Student's Guide to Helpful Businesses and Services in Rexburg

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It can be daunting to look for services you need when you're new to a community. It can be overwhelming even if you’ve lived somewhere a while if you're not sure what is available. There are many services in Rexburg that can help you, from dentistry and health care to delivery services and discount stores. We're here to let you know what's available in Rexburg. Keep reading to get the info you want about the services you need. 

Physical Health

To remain healthy, there are so many physical aspects of a body's needs. Many types of medical services offered in Rexburg include Dental, Physical, Therapy, Optical and more offered in Rexburg can help a student find healthcare specific to their needs. Here are all the types we've found in Rexburg.

Doctors and Physicians

Health care concerns factor into your every day life. They can impact your work or your studies as well as your general wellbeing, so one of the main things you need to find in Rexburg is a doctor’s office for general health care in Rexburg. Doctor services in Rexburg are widespread, so this shouldn't be difficult to find.

BYU-I itself offers a Student Health Center open from 8AM to 5PM. There are also multiple clinics and urgent care locations throughout town, such as:


Fun Fact: You can be on your parent’s insurance until the day you turn 26. It can depend on your insurance types for what the charge will be. If you’re able, call your insurance and ask if the location you choose is “in network” and can be covered, and discuss with your parents the type of medical care you need and are looking for.

Most locations offer payment plans for bills if you can’t immediately cover the cost or if you haven’t met your deductible for insurance to cover you. Discuss this with the receptionist or call in to talk to billing for more information.

There are several listed specialists in Rexburg directly for specialized services.


During in-person classes especially, it can be critical to have proper eyewear. Like doctors, there are many locations in the area to receive eye care, check-ups, and glasses. Even Walmart has some offered eye care checks and sells glasses frames. Call around before you go and check reviews to see what services are offered. Some areas include:


There are several listed dermatologist services in Rexburg. For individuals who are experiencing skin-specific issues, or if you have a suspicious mole, this is the place to go. These specialists can help you determine what is going on and what treatments are helpful for you.

For Rexburg skin care, some of the dermatologist offices are:

Dental Work

Not only are you supposed to change out your toothbrush every three months, you’re also supposed to see a dentist every six months. For things like jaw pain, tooth pain, wisdom teeth, and gum issues, the dentist is the place to go. There are also several different dentist office services in Rexburg itself for dental health care in Rexburg.

The dentists offices in town include:

Chiropractic Care

Rexburg even has multiple chiropractic offices. For people who have been in car accidents or have severe headaches, neck alignments are important. A lot of back health comes from posture, walking, and weight, whether you carry it in yourself or on yourself, and can be helped by back alignment services in Rexburg.

Some of the chiropractic offices in Rexburg include:


There are pharmacies inside all the main grocers in Rexburg where individuals can pick up their prescriptions. Walmart, Broulims, and Walgreens all have pharmacies. The Student Health Center also has a pharmacy which can be useful if you have just received treatment there. Making sure you get the medications you need on time is important to your health care while in Rexburg. Comparing the medication costs between pharmacies can be very helpful.


Madison Memorial Hospital is the closest hospital to the BYU-I campus for any emergency visits, especially in the middle of the night. It is good for health care in Rexburg, but other hospitals are located in Idaho Falls, which is approximately 30 minutes away. Always go to the hospital if you have a medical emergency!

Stress Relief and Mental Health

There are a variety of stress relief options for individuals to pursue. In Rexburg, there are businesses and locations available to meet some potential needs for stress relief.

Work Outs

Many people can experience relief by working it off or finding something else to put their mind to. Sometimes, the gym is the perfect place to wear out your worries by wearing yourself out. The BYU-I campus has a gym that’s free to students, you’ll just need your I-card. This includes activities that the gym offers, such as training classes and sport rooms, but also has the standard workout equipment room to go at your own pace. In Rexburg, there is also:

Some locations include sports or specific workout types. The college offers several options to students for this, which you can find on the gym schedule here. Some of the listed gyms have classes as well. Several locations center around other types of exercise, including:

To see more about Rexburg activities, check out our article for activities you might not know about.


For a lot of stressors, it can be more important to talk through them and get specified mental tools. There are many counseling services in Rexburg. The Student Health Center on campus also offers counseling, which is free to students. Medical assistance for mental health does have a small fee, however. 

There are different types of counselors who can specify on different issues and can offer different types of services. When requesting counselling, you can discuss with the location and with your counselor if you want treatment that includes spiritual discussion or not, involves multiple individuals or not, and offers medical assistance or not. Post-COVID, many locations are continuing online services. You can have an appointment at home, in your own apartment.

Some of the counseling centers in Rexburg include:

Depending on clients, some of these locations may have a waitlist. Be sure to check around for openings and check that your insurance is accepted before booking an appointment.


For a lot of chronic headaches, body pain, or mental relaxation, massages are offered in the area. Massage can be a stress relief and a good form of health care services in Rexburg. There is a massage school in Rexburg, Rexburg College of Massage Therapy, that offers discount services performed by students.

There are also massage parlors where fully certified staff members can work on your muscles, including Cure Touch Massage Therapy and The Backsmith. You can specify what gender of massage specialist you are comfortable with. For everyone who has reservations about clothing, you can keep on as much clothing as you are comfortable with as well.

Hair Cuts

If you don’t know how to cut your own hair, you’ll have to go to a salon. In Rexburg, there are a few beauty schools that offer reduced prices as students do the cuts, including Paul Mitchell and Evans Hairstyling College. These places also offer hair dyeing, if you want a color between semesters or new highlights, as well as manicures and pedicures when you want extra hand and foot hygiene.

There are several salons where licensed stylists, including:

Delivery Services

Many services in Rexburg deliver their goods to residences, but there are delivery options that make this their business. DoorDash, GrubHub, and UberEats are all available for delivery services in Rexburg.

Broulims in Rexburg offers Broulims Online. You can order your groceries through this service and have them delivered to your apartment if you are unable to get to the store. 

Many restaurants and many pharmacies, including Broulims and Walmart, have pick-up services. With these, you can order online and pick up your order at the location. These are especially helpful if you aren’t able to walk through the store for whatever reason.


Walmart has a shuttle that goes throughout the city. You can see its route and stops here and its schedule as a PDF here. You don’t have to take it to Walmart, either, you can just use it as transportation if you need to get around town

Some apartments also offer shuttle services to and from campus. These are specifically for residents of that housing, so double check if your housing offers transportation.

For those traveling to another city, the Salt Lake Express goes through town daily. This can help you travel between towns and between states, for a trip to the airport or transportation from out of state back into Rexburg. You have to schedule and pay for your trip here.


One location you’ll need to know about if you have a car is the Rexburg DMV. In May 2020, the department of motor vehicles moved to a location by Arby’s, at 510 North 2nd East in town. If you’re only in Rexburg as a student, then you won’t need to update to an Idaho license unless your license expires. You will have to renew your car registration, however. 

Vehicle Services

If you have a car in Rexburg, there will be a lot of work involved. During Rexburg winter, a car will need different care than hotter areas. Some locations provide it all: oil change, air conditioning refill, tires, tire rotation and alignment, and more, such as:

Other places focus on vehicle body work, such as Christensen Body Shop. Some locations even focus on just the windows, such as A-1 Windshield.

Post Office

There is one post office in Rexburg at 140 South Center Street. Here, you can change your forwarding address, send mail, and get paperwork for a passport. They sell stamps, bubble wrap, and all kinds of packaging for anything from paperwork to books, but bigger boxes are sold elsewhere. They are open from 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday and 10 to 2 on Saturday.

To send or return packages through UPS or FedEx, you’ll have to use a different area. Walgreens has a drop off and pick up location for FedEx inside as you can see here. Similarly, Zippy Ship n’ Copy is a print shop, but also where UPS and FedEx do pick up and return services through. This is also a location where you can purchase bigger boxes for items you’re sending out and a place to print your materials if you can’t get to campus.


Surprisingly, there is also a credit union that services the same church as BYU-Idaho. Credit Unions have to limit who their clients are, and clients of Beehive Federal Credit Union are all members of the church. When you check with other credit unions you are interested in, ensure you meet the qualifications to be a client.

There are many other banks and credit unions in the area. Those in Rexburg include:

For other popular banks, the closest J.P. Morgan & Chase Bank is in Idaho Falls off of Hitt Road. 


While there is a primary bookstore on campus and Amazon is available, there are other locations where you can get second hand school supplies. Many  individuals sell theirs online or offer them on Facebook Marketplace, but BookViking buys and sells textbooks for BYU-I courses. They advertise throughout the city and especially throughout apartments when semesters start and end, but they function all year round.

For other types of book buying, there are several stores primarily in Idaho Falls that offer a huge selection. Some of these locations are chain bookstores, such as Barnes & Noble, and other locations are locally owned, like Seagull Book and The Book Shelf.

Discount Stores

For other second-hand items, especially for college students on a budget, and for a place to donate materials you no longer need, Deseret Industries has a location in Rexburg and one in Idaho Falls. The Rexburg location is on 611 N 2nd E. The center is actually run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These are known locally as DI, and sell everything from sports equipment to furniture, dishes to clothes, books to electronics. As of this time, May 2021, donations have to be scheduled, but the drop off is simple on the right hand side of the building. 

Religious Materials

Another area run by the church is Deseret Book. The location sells everything from scripture bags to religious paintings. For endowed members, this is a location where you can buy temple attire and garments. Primarily, the location is a bookstore with many different genres of books, notebooks, and board games. 

On the college campus, because it is funded by the same church, there are materials for students and community members to get in relation to their worship. The campus store too has other options for books, electronics, and more.

You Have Options!

Something good about living in a college town is all the options that are available for you. It can seem a bit scary too, just because of how many options there are. But once you're able to narrow down what you're looking for, you have the option to search by price, by what your insurance covers, by what the service can offer you. Hopefully this list will point you in the right direction to know what services you'll need while you're living as a student in Rexburg or give you an idea of what to search for in terms of books, legal services, and health care in Rexburg.

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