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May 31, 2021

The Rexburg Walmart Shuttle: All Aboard!

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Since moving out of city boundaries, Walmart has been offering a free shuttle service to anyone in Rexburg. The Walmart shuttle in Rexburg goes all over town, and you don’t have to use it only to go to Walmart. You can get on and off at any stop. 

The bus’s route takes 45 minutes to do a full loop, starting and ending at Walmart. There are ten stops throughout town that you can use to get around. You can take your groceries with you on board, of course.

The Schedule

The Rexburg Walmart shuttle times are about three minutes per stop to get around. It runs pretty much like clockwork, all day, every day, from 10 AM to 9:45 PM. The first stop leaves from Walmart itself, and at the end of the day, the last departure from Walmart is at 9:15. If you’re using the shuttle, this is the latest you can go, so be sure to keep track of the time if you’re shopping late!

The last stop is the last one on the route, which is the one ending at 9:45. If you have somewhere to go between 9:15 and 9:45, you might be able to catch the shuttle on the way there, but you won’t have a way back because the shuttle stops at 9:45! Walmart has a full list of the Rexburg Walmart shuttle departure times on PDF so that you can know exactly where and when to expect it.

The Drop Off and Pick Up Locations

You may be wondering what the locations are and exactly where they are. We’re here to give you a little description of where to go and wait for the shuttle. We’ve put it in order of the stops for you, from Walmart to the last stop before returning to Walmart!


The most obvious stop is Walmart, of course. It is the Rexburg Walmart shuttle after all. The shuttle picks up and leaves from the middle of the building outside at the designated times. 

You can wait inside Walmart for the shuttle, which is great for keeping out of Idaho weather. Walmart has a specific sitting area for this. It's about midway between the two entrances. Due to renovations, this place has been a little crowded with other merchandise, but it has benches to sit and a door to leave out of when you go. If you’re concerned, you can speak to the staff about where they’d prefer that you wait at a given time, or you can wait outside in the shade of the building for the bus to pull up. 

East MC Circle

There are three stops close to BYU-I campus, but this one is the closest by going into the campus itself. On the east side of campus (the direction of the Hinckley and the student health center), there are two roundabouts! The one you’re looking for is right on the corner of the Kimball building.

This street is called East Viking Drive if you look for it on the BYU-I interactive map, where you can see an overhead view of the campus and this roundabout. It’s hard to miss, right next to the big parking lot in front of the Student Health Center. 

With this one, you probably shouldn’t wait inside, although the Kimball building is just a few feet away. It doesn’t have any windows facing the roundabout, so you wouldn’t be able to see the bus arrive. When you wait outside, you can always bring an umbrella with you to keep off any intense sun or sudden rain and wind!

Aspen Village

Aspen Village is an apartment complex on the Rexburg Walmart shuttle route. It is just across from the bottom (southeast) of campus near the Ricks building. The address for the apartments is 545 S 2nd E, Rexburg, and the shuttle stops in the apartment entrance’s roundabout, not at the street! 

In that area, there are several crosswalks to cross the road from campus to the apartments on the other side. These crosswalks have buttons to light up signals next to the road to stop traffic for you, so it’s easy to get from campus over to the Aspen Village parking lot shuttle stop.

Center Square

Looping around behind campus, Center Square is the next apartment complex on the Rexburg Walmart shuttle route. The address for Center Square is 650 S 1st W, Rexburg.

This apartment is across the street from the Upper Playfields on BYU-I campus, south of the Science and Technology building. Be sure to use marked crosswalks when coming across the street from campus! 

The Rexburg Walmart Shuttle stop is on the street in front of the complex. Specifically, the stop is in front of building 3, or the building closest to the corner by the stop sign.

The Gates

There are two apartment complexes listed as the Gates in Rexburg, but both are just parts of the same complex. One side is for men, one for women. The Rexburg Walmart shuttle stop is on the street between the two, and it stops along West 6th South. It’s coming up through the men’s housing side parking lot, so it will be on the side closer to West 7th South. You can check up on the Rexburg Walmart Shuttle tracker that Salt Lake Express created to see the street it turns onto.

Camden Apts

As the shuttle starts making its way back north to Walmart, it next stops at the Camden apartments at 225 W 5th S, Rexburg. The shuttle also stops on the street here, right in front of the second building. The apartments are three separate white houses, so don’t be confused by the apartment looks!

This apartment complex is one block west of the Austin building, so you can make it here coming from campus or if you’re coming over from apartments or businesses near South Yellowstone Highway. 

Colonial House

The next stop is at the Colonial House apartments. This is right next to the main roundabout on West 4th South by Casa de Ochoa and Subway. The shuttle stop is in front of the building closest to campus, where the white metal fence around the housing complex ends! 

BYU-I Hart

After the apartments, the Rexburg Walmart shuttle goes back to the BYU-I campus directly and stops in front of the Hart building, or the campus gym. Not the parking lot, but the sidewalk just before the Hart building west entrance. 

This is the same location where the Salt Lake Express shuttle stops, so be sure to check which bus you’re getting on there. The Salt Lake Express checks for boarding information as you have to pay beforehand, so that’s an easy way to tell if you’re going on the right line.

BYUI Parking Lot (across from Snow)

The next stop is also right next to campus. The Snow building is the building furthest to the north and closest to Rexburg city center. Whether you’re coming from in town or from north campus, this is an easy stop.

The Rexburg Walmart shuttle doesn’t park right in front of the Snow building because of the street parking there. It parks in the parking lot right across the street. There are two crosswalks to use to get from campus to the parking lot, so be safe when crossing the street!

Rexburg Floral

The final stop is at Rexburg Floral, a flower shop across from Rexburg Rapids and two blocks west of Heber Hatchets. The address here is 175 N Center St, Rexburg. This is where the bus stops for the night at 9:45, so plan your outing to make sure you’ll be dropped off at the right location if you’re riding the shuttle at the end of the day. 

The shuttle stops across the street from the business, in front of the small garden area on the lawn of Rexburg Rapids. You can wait there or you can wait inside the shop and check out their arrangements!

Catching the Shuttle

Make sure you’re at the pick up site a few minutes before the listed time, just in case the shuttle is running early. If it’s running late, don’t panic! It’s on it’s way. If you do happen to miss your shuttle by coming to the stop after it leaves, don't worry. It will be back in 45 minutes to come pick you up. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the locations or check the live tracker to see where the shuttle should be at its next stop, and what times the next stops are listed at!

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