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Men's Approved Rexburg Housing FAQ

Rexburg Housing FAQ: answers to all of your approved men's housing questions

How do I pay rent?

Most locations have a section of their website where you can pay rent online. Locations accept checks and cash for payments as well. You can pay this all at once or in payments that you set up with your housing manager.

Which students must live at approved housing?

All unmarried students under the age of 27, unless they live with their parents and students that stay in Rexburg during their off-track must also live in approved housing. There are exceptions to this. They are rarely given and must be approved by BYU-Idaho.

When can I move in?

Students can move in on the semester's move-in day, which you can find for each semester at Students must check in on this day to get their apartment key and verify that they are moving in that day. See BYU-I exemptions about early move-ins.

What happens if I lose my student eligibility?

It's your responsibility to maintain your student eligibility. If you lose your eligibility, you're still responsilble to pay the rest of your rent if the cancellation date is past or if a replacement can not be found.

Can I have pets in my apartment?

No pets are allowed in BYU-I approved housing. That includes pets like fish or birds as well as dogs or cats. An ESA pet must be approved with your manager.

Can I have firearms or weapons in my apartment?

Firearms and ammunitions of any kind are prohibited on the premises of any approved housing properties and in all approved housing apartments.

Do I need to bring furniture?

You will provide your own bedding, electronics, toiletries, cooking equipment, and mattress cover, but a fridge, a microwave, a bed, tables and desks are all provided by housing. Shower curtains and garbage cans are not provided.

What happens for housing between semesters?

Apartments allow students to live between semesters in the complex, often for an additional charge. If you leave the apartment for the break but plan to return, apartments allow you to leave your belongings in the apartment. They must be put up to allow for professional cleaning.

How does housing work for my off-track/ summer?

Students who are staying in Rexburg for their off track or summer (the seven-week break) should apply normally for housing contracts for their off-track semesters .

Do I have to pay extra for apartment amenities?

No, you don't have to pay additional fees to use amenities in your apartment complex. Apartment complexes include this in the rent price. Some amenities do have to be reserved with housing management to use them, like communal cooking areas.

What if I lose my key?

Missing keys must be reported to housing management. Keys and key replacement costs are up to the housing complex. Keys must be provided by and returned to the housing management. 

What if I'm unable to get a parking permit from my apartment complex?

You can buy a city permit. Information about city permits is located at:
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