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Internships and Jobs in Rexburg

How do Internships Work?

Students are responsible to find their own internships, so where do you start? It's not as hard as it sounds. First, find an internship you're interested in (we know, that doesn't sound simple so we'll help you with that too). Then, you need to get your internship approved by the school through your major's department. Finally, just make sure you're registered for the course credit, and you're good to go.

But wait! What about that first part--finding an internship? Well, this is a great place to start. We've collected some of the available internships in Rexburg, so keep scrolling to find internship that's right for you!

For more information, go to BYU-Idaho's website:

More Information by Major

Biology Internships

-Have at least 10 consecutive weeks of internship experience at a minimum of 10 hours/week.

-We strongly encourage you to intern at a single location for the entire 10 weeks.

-Register for the internship course (Bio 398 or Bio 498R) and receive a passing grade.

-A full-time (40 hours per week) internship for an entire semester is optimal.
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Business Management Internship

-Register for Business Management or Marketing internships BEFORE the third week of school.

-Past experience will generally not be counted towards an internship.

-Business Management and Marketing students are to complete 2 internships:
B 298 and B 398 for Business Management, and MKT 298 and MKT 398 for Marketing.
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Communications Internship

-Internships must be at least seven weeks long and can last up to 14 weeks.

-You must work at least 150 hours total to earn credit.

-The internship needs to be completed prior to graduation.

-The position may not be a retail or summer-sales job.

-You should have a supervisor at work to whom you report who is trained in communication
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Exercise & Sports Science Internships

1 credit = 100 hours
2 credits = 200 hours

-For PT, OT, ATC, Chiropractic type internships we require HRHP 359 prior to ESS 498 (but not prior to 398).

-For Exercise Physiology research-type internships, we require ESS 375 and 375 Lab.
Exercise Physiology Internships

Healthcare Administration Internship

-Legitimate healthcare provider organization.

-1 credit = 200 hours, 2 credits = 300 hours,
3 credits = 350-400 hours.

-At least 7 weeks of the internship must fall within the semester for which the student is registering for HS 498-03.

-No shadowing or performing secretarial duties.
Internship Handbook

Humanities and Philosophy Internships

-Prerequisites: Junior-level status; approval of Department Internship Coordinator or Chair.

-Variable credit course (1-3 credits); minimum of 70 hours of internship work experience required per credit hour earned.

-Register for HUM 398R
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Psychology Internships

-Internships should be done your Junior/Senior year.

-Credits are to be at least 2 credits.

-Each credit requires a 50-hour minimum commitment of service.
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Public Health Internships

-Minimum of 7 weeks and 200 hours
-200 hours - 1 credit; 300 hours - 2 credits; 400 hours - 3 credits

-Must deal with planning, implementing, or evaluating a health/wellness program, conducting a needs assessment, or working with epidemiology.

-Prerequisites: Must have taken MATH 221B, HS 240, HS 310, HS 320, HS 370, HS 390
Internship Handbook
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