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July 29, 2023

Finding Internships in Rexburg, Idaho

Ayden Rennaker


Embarking on a successful career journey often begins with gaining practical experience through internships. For students and young professionals in Rexburg, Idaho, finding the right internship opportunities can pave the way for future success and personal growth. In this guide, we'll delve into the steps and resources available to help you navigate the process of finding internships in Rexburg and make the most of these valuable learning experiences.

  1. Leverage University Resources

For students at Brigham Young University - Idaho (BYU-Idaho), the university's career center is an excellent starting point. The career center offers valuable resources, workshops, and one-on-one career counseling to help students explore internship opportunities aligned with their interests and academic pursuits. They can assist with resume building, interview preparation, and connecting with potential employers.

  1. Attend Career Fairs and Networking Events

Local career fairs and networking events in Rexburg provide unique opportunities to connect with companies and organizations offering internships. Such events allow you to interact with industry professionals, learn about various job roles, and leave a lasting impression on potential employers. Be sure to bring your resume and prepare an elevator pitch to introduce yourself confidently.

  1. Explore Online Job Boards and Internship Websites

Online job boards and internship websites are valuable tools for identifying internship opportunities in Rexburg. Platforms like Rexburg Life's job board, Indeed, LinkedIn, and often feature a wide range of internships across different industries. Use keywords relevant to your field of interest to refine your search and find suitable positions. Check out the Rexburg Life Job Board to Explore internship opportunities.

  1. Network with Alumni and Professors

Reach out to BYU-Idaho alumni and professors who have connections in your desired industry. Networking with professionals who have firsthand experience can provide valuable insights, advice, and potential internship leads. Don't underestimate the power of a friendly email or LinkedIn message seeking guidance.

  1. Research Local Businesses and Nonprofits

Take the initiative to research local businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations in Rexburg. Smaller companies may not always advertise internships, but they may welcome proactive candidates who express genuine interest in their work. Craft a well-written cover letter expressing your enthusiasm for their mission and explaining how your skills can contribute to their success.

  1. Tap into Social Media

Utilize social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and X to join relevant professional communities and stay updated on internship opportunities in Rexburg. Many companies share their openings on social media, and engaging with their content can increase your visibility to potential employers.

  1. Stay Persistent and Flexible

Finding the ideal internship may require persistence and flexibility. Don't be discouraged by rejection; view it as a stepping stone to success. Keep refining your resume and cover letter, seeking feedback from career advisors or mentors to improve your application.


Securing internships in Rexburg is an invaluable step towards personal and professional growth. By utilizing university resources, attending networking events, exploring online platforms, and engaging with the local community, you increase your chances of finding internships that align with your goals. Stay proactive, enthusiastic, and open-minded throughout the process, for internships not only offer hands-on experience but also the chance to build meaningful connections that can shape your future career path. Remember, each internship is a stepping stone towards a brighter and more rewarding future, so embrace the journey with confidence and determination.

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